Reviews: Canyon Whispers

“I really enjoyed previewing this album and bought about 4 or 5 the songs. Really beautiful songs and it really is calming, peaceful, and gentle. Love it. Great album! – Alison Haney (I-Tunes Store)

“….absolutely beautiful and so very peaceful and relaxing…. smooth, clear and melodic. I surely wish you the very best with this CD.” - Linda Kazmarek

“WOW! What a beautiful, enchanting album…playing is innovative… guest artist approach for the accompaniment, keeps the soundscape varied and exciting… engineering is top notch…I'll keep your album loaded in my carousel for continued listening.” - Butch Hall, Butch Hall Flutes

“I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying your new album, "Canyon Whispers." I believe it is the best album you have ever produced. I listen to it virtually every night. I am learning new skills to relax and reduce my brain activity for an hour before I try to sleep...your music has been instrumental (no pun intended) in helping me relax and sleep better. I am going to encourage my friends to also purchase the album.” - Mark Ruefenacht

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“This CD is simply fantastic! Randy's live Native-American flute melodies soaringly play against the backdrop of melancholic orchestral instrumentation. The unsuspecting combination evokes the most haunting of moods and creates a wonderfully contemplative atmosphere. My personal favorites are Cliff Palace Serenade, Sedona Moon, Chaco Sunrise and Canyon Whispers. This CD is soothing, peaceful and stunningly beautiful -- you won't be disappointed!! Thank you, Randy” -  Teresa Thomas

“I am a HUGE fan of R. CARLOS NAKAI so I am not a stranger to the Native Flute. This morning I listened to “Canyon Whispers” and also downloaded it on my Zune. It's wonderful!!!” - Carol Stanley

“I have not gone a day without listening to your latest release...I just love it…it soothes my soul..." - Jonni Garth