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Since 2000, Randy “Windtalker” Motz, has been using the hauntingly beautiful and soothing sound of Native American-style flute, blended with lush orchestration, piano, cello, guitar and Native percussion, to weave a captivating musical tapestry. “Windtalker’s” live performances combine his graceful, winding, and sometimes playful, melodies with a backdrop of breathtaking photos from the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. taken by his wife, Georgia L. Harris, to create, “The Windtalker Experience.” His graceful, winding, and sometimes playful, melodies communicate his long-held passion for Native cultures and traditions, as well as his love of nature.

This unique multimedia performance continues to captivate audiences of all ages at festivals, coffee houses, wineries, schools, churches, senior living centers, private parties and other intimate venues. He was also the guest performer for a moonlight tour held by the National Park Service at New Mexico’s Pueblo Bonito ruins at Chaco Canyon National Historical Park.

“Windtalker’s” initial musical inspiration was birthed from two concerts; one by Yanni, where the powerful blending of a full orchestra, rock instrumentation and a multitude of ethnic musical styles captured his creative imagination, and a second, by Robert Mirabal, who used the inter-weaving of Native American instruments, rock drums, electric guitar, bass, and the lush sounds of an effects-laden cello, to tell ancient stories from the Taos Pueblo. Performances can be tailored to meet the needs of a specific event or venue. Because “Windtalker” performs solo, pricing is exceptionally reasonable and/or negotiable. A Press Kit is available below and for more information on “The Windtalker Experience,” please Contact us.

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Windtalker by Georgia L. Harris""…the music speaks to one’s soul…engaging…amazing…you don't just hear music, but you experience his journey in a deep and heartfelt way…I am a big fan!!!". Camille Bisceglio, Fan!

: “Randy "Windtalker" Motz delivers a beautiful combination of sound and sights which soothes the senses and transports the soul to majestic destinations! The combination of entertainment and education are sure to please audiences of all ages.". Erin Betz, Director of Independent Living, Country Meadows of Frederick Retirement Community

““…a stellar performance that moved me… drew attention to the plights and injustice of Native Americans…felt spiritually connected to the experience …was transported to a place of serenity…my maternal grandfather was full Cherokee and died long before I was born. I had to hold back tears as I began to see various spiritual visions while Windtalker played the flutes… felt like I was connecting to a part of my heritage that I once thought was lost.” Michelle Luby, Program Director, Plum Gar Community Center