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“…You will find the photography to be wonderful as you take this tranquil journey through the sacred lands of the Cherokee, Delaware, Mohican, Penobscot, as well as other native tribes…The viewer is treated to stunning vistas, soothing images, and the awe inspiring and “almost surreal” vistas encountered on a daily basis…set against the gentle sounds of the native flute…along with a cacophony of natural sounds…the viewer will be rewarded…”
Dan Ricketts, published in the “Voice of the Wind,” the official publication of the International Native American Flute Association, Volume 1, 2008.

“I enjoyed watching “Appalachian Trail Reflections” with my family as I reminisced about my days and nights section-hiking the trail...others responded to the beautiful images of nature…liked the music and sounds of nature accompanying the pictures…impressed with the understated presentation of the "diary" which allowed us to respond in the context of our own experiences.”
Karen Brown, Potomac Appalachian Trail Club

"Watching ‘Appalachian Trail Reflections’ isn’t as good as hiking the Appalachian Trail yourself, but it’s a wonderful substitute. Stunning photography, combined with hauntingly fitting music, make watching this DVD a very enjoyable experience…you feel you are walking the trail along with the creators of this video…You will see very little in the photographs that was man made, other than the trail itself and the white blazes on the trees…concentrates on the beauty and diversity of nature, and not man’s impact on it.  If you don’t finish watching this video with a desire to hike the trail, then you weren’t paying attention.”
Vincent Ferrari  -

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Mt Katahdin ME

"Through a series of stellar still shots, well-complimented with a winsome soundtrack, “Appalachian Trail Reflections” successfully evokes much of the awe, tranquility and bliss that one feels while hiking the Appalachian Trail."
David Miller - author of “AWOL on the Appalachian Trail” 

"…a great job capturing the essence and the spirit of the trail…Short of heading back to Springer and heading north, watching this video is the second best thing to do…an excellent present for any AT thru hiker, section hiker or hiker wanna be. Get it!"  Henry “Catskill Eagle” Nichols - 2006 AT thru-hiker

“…not a thru-hiker story…definitely up to the best standards…At first I was unhappy that the pictures were unidentified, but then as I got into it, I realized that place names would only be distracting…very impressed with the technical work on this DVD…”  Mike “Hikermiker” Cunningham reviewer for the Appalachian Long Distance Hikers Association newsletter, “The Long Distance Hiker”