Reviews: Hózhó: Walking in Beauty

“…struck by the sense of a story for which this album is the soundtrack…provides a complete emotional message; the cycles of tension and resolution, the transitions, the presence of both power and delicacy…the emotional journey of a well-told story is exactly the balance of the elements that Randy provides…has hit the goal of Hózhó spot-on…When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece." Clint Goss – Manifest Spirit Music & Founder of the Flute Haven Native Flute School

“…so soothing…very hypnotic…as if the music is cradling my soul. Love the CD!!!!” Cathy Campbell

The entire album is beautifully made, with masterful flute playing, keeping things elegant and simple…Love the mystical quality of the MOYO drum.” Butch & Laura Hall, Butch Hall Flutes

“…has an ethereal quality that is very relaxing. The soundscapes are layered in a very pleasing way both for background as well as active listening.” Colyn Petersen, Woodland Voices Flutes

“I was under the weather and had a blocked ear that was keeping me feeling disoriented. While   driving, I popped in Randy “Windtalker” Motz' new CD “Hózhó – Walking in Beauty.”  Within 60 seconds the tranquil melody lines worked their magic and my ear cleared, bringing a peaceful feeling of balance (true the Hózhó title). The meditative flute continued throughout the CD and by the time I reached my destination, I felt calm, rested and in harmony with the world.” Eric Miller, Flute Haven Native Flute School Staff

“…used your CD at the Frederick Memorial Cancer Center for Reiki treatments…several patients commented that they loved the new music. One said it helped her get back into a meditative state each time she heard a bird along with the flute… Another stated that she felt more grounded when listening.” Judy Buchanan, Reiki Master, J-Aponi Natural Health & Wellness Center

“…I listen to this nature-themed album while driving home from work…music is perfect to listen to after a busy day…a great way to unwind…For those into yoga or meditation or tai chi, get this CD…Surprised by the diversity in the sounds his various flutes make…Windtalker is able to provide rich variance, and I feel like I purchased an entire album, as opposed to just a couple of good songs and the rest just filler.” Adam Barkley

“…a wonderful mix of solo Native American flute tracks, masterfully selected background instrumentation and nature sounds. “By the River”… beautifully haunting…“Kokopelli Waltz”…classic waltz-like cadence with Native American flute, harp and English horn…orchestral sound of “Desert Sky”…very ethereal feel… “Ho’zho’”…a beautiful blend of MOYO drum, birdsong and flute…depth and presence of the deep flute on Sacred Lullaby adds a warmth and richness…captivating and relaxing…A beautiful harmony between guitar and flute on “One Heart…”Apache Maiden is a classic example of the traditional Native American scale played with a hang drum background. “Streams of Peace” features a rushing waters background with a perfectly played drone flute…”Transcendent Spirit… an exquisite use of vibrato, accompanied by the deep melodic percussion of the MOYO drum… “Above the Mist” is a bright little gem; a lovely, sweet Native American style song…professional attention to the instruments chosen and the blending of their sounds to achieve a well-played, well recorded and well mixed CD experience for the listener…easily make it onto my “Native American Flute Favs” playlist.”  Frank “Ravenwolf” Henninger, Flute Haven Native Flute School Staff

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